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InTended Holistic Wellness


Functional Medicine & Mind Body Medicine
Health Coach



The products we use have a huge impact on our health, for better or worse. I have spent over a decade doing deep-dive research (as only an over-thinker can) and trying endless brands in categories from food, to skincare, to clothing & shoes, to beauty, to household cleaning. As a highly sensitive person who cares about purity & quality, a beautiful sensory experience, gentleness/no-reactivity, and the planet, MY BAR IS EXTREMELY HIGH!

Though not everything is for everyone (we are all so bioindivideal & unique) I can PROMISE that I never recommend anything I don’t use and love myself. I have been fortunate to connect and form valuable relationships with many of my absolutely favorite companies over the years, and being able to extend special opportunities & savings with you brings me so much joy!

Please explore the various discount links & codes here, and be sure to share your experience. That is what means the most to me. And, full disclosure, I do get a little kickback from most of these companies if you make a purchase, and that is what helps me continue to research and try new things to keep my community informed and with plenty of choices to fit everyone’s needs. I so appreciate the virtuous cycle of you supporting me in supporting you!

Just hover over each brand for a brief description and for discount information & instructions, and click to go straight to their website.

Most of all, have fun! Happy shopping!!!