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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching consists of highly personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions where YOU decide what we work on together.  This is truly a partnership where I am your very own, dedicated ally on your wellness journey!

When we start out together, in our Initial Intake Session, we will take our time going backward in order to go forward.  This is a very foundational part of the process, and I always love to see my clients have one “aha moment” after another as we connect the dots through their lifetime experience of health.  Sometimes I am the first person who has ever told them that they make sense, or that their health struggles are not all in their head.  Oftentimes that is all it takes to spark someone’s confidence that things really can get better and boost their belief that they have the potential to be well.  It is such a blessing to watch each client’s healing process unfold!

From there we will continue on the path, with you leading the way and me supporting you through every step.  What direction we go is up to you!  One of my passions is researching and sharing resources with you so you don’t get lost in information overwhelm.  Another service I provide is collaborating with your practitioner(s) and implementing their input as well.  I am also always there to help you stay on-track or course-correct as necessary.

Sometimes I walk just a short distance with my clients on this journey, and sometimes we are in it for the long haul.  It is based on whatever you need, and I fully trust the process.  No matter what, the ultimate goal is empowering you to learn what truly makes you thrive and how to advocate for your wellness needs.  So…let’s set some InTentions, and start your InnerTending, so you can live the life you are InTended to live!


“Have no fear, you will find your way. It’s in your bones. It’s in your soul.”
–Mark Z. Danielewski
“Be easy.
Take your time. You are coming home.
To yourself.”
- Nayyrah Waheed
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